2. Smart Finance Products

Smart Finance is an automatic strategy protocol focusing on games and NFT products, also known as GameFi and NFTFi vaults. That is, Smart Finance compares the real-time mining benefits of blockchain games and NFT projects using the same algorithm. It then switches the hash to products with higher yielding in an automated way for mining. In this way, it can create a higher return for users who focus on a single product. Being a type of vault, Smart Finance operates very quickly: it constantly switches among different products to find the highest mining revenue.
Normally, vaults concentrate the hash rate into a mining pool and do not target any specific token for mining. They focus on projects with the same mining algorithm and strive to find the one with the highest mining revenue before it switches the hashrate onto them. If a project sees a decreasing yield rate, vaults then switch to the next candidate to maximize income.
In the era of DeFi and GameFi, the most popular practice is liquidity mining and farming. Despite the diverse forms of mining, the main purpose is to make a profit. In order to maximize the mining revenue, vaults similar to traditional mining came into being.
Smart Finance’s vault shares a similar operation principle as traditional vaults. It will switch the funds to a higher-yielding GameFi/NFTFi project to conduct various forms of mining. Essentially, it provides investors with higher mining revenue, by virtue of intelligent scheduling.